Hi friend - and welcome. You found my online business card. Good for us :)

I have included a few pics that represent my style of photography. 

I do mostly music stuff, urban photography and find myself stopping at all scenarios with lots of contrasts.  If you are looking for a well manered, semi cheap  and fully client orientated photographer, I could be you man :)
I'm based in Roskilde which by no means should stop you guys outside central Sealand contacting me. I'm happy to stick another pin in the map.

Style-wise I mostly do music photography these days and do regular work for the music venue Gimle.  I have done both cute and comforting shots of babies, flowers and sunsets bud decided that the more non-shaven side of shooting is more interesting :) I have dabbled with boudoir and portraits and would love to spend more energy on this. 

Take a look around and reach out here or email if you see something you like or just want to say hi.

Best regards, Anders Mikkelsen